Love Story – Nicholas And Eliza

I’m proud to announce my brother Nicholas is getting married to the beautiful Eliza in September 2012! What can I say, they love each other. I was so excited to be the one to do their engagement photo, they are both so special!

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The Newbies Guide To A Smashing Good Time 2.0

It has occurred to me that there are a lot of newbies in Smash this year, and because I love you all I am going to make you a list. A list of “what?” you may ask? I’m going to make you a list of things I wish I had known when I started Smash a few years ago. Note that some of it is a joke, but some of it is real advice I suggest you take. Enjoy!

1. Learn your lines! Now, I’m sure your thinking “I know, I know!”   It is REALLY important that you have them down cold AT LEAST a month before the show.

2. Though Shakespeare is dead, Pastor Sam often makes statements like “Shakespeare hates…”  and “Shakespeare would never..” regularly, so just go with it. Don’t argue, just go with it.

3. Shakespeare HATES gum! So please, try your best not to be the one caught with the pink sticky stuff in your mouth. Because if you are, you better be prepared for a lecture.

4. Unless told not to, ALWAYS stand in a 3/4 stance on stage. This means with one foot pointing to the audience and the other to who ever your character is speaking to.

5. Never stand with your back to the audience. Just don’t do it.

6. Just accept that Smash will take over all your spare time. No exceptions.

7. On performance night PLEASE remember to brush your teeth, wear deodorant, shower, and wear clean underwear. I know you will be rushing around, trying to get your stage make up, costume, and hair ready but it is SUPER important that you remember to make time to do these 4 things.

8. Keep your health high on your priority list. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, drink orange juice, and take your vitamins. We do NOT need a sick cast member on show night.

9. Pastor Sam is your director, and he has a pretty good idea of what will make you and your part shine. So take his advice, no matter how silly you feel.

10. Don’t be afraid to make small suggestions and ask questions about your role.

11. Remember to pack nice snacks during “crunch week.” You don’t want to be hungry
or drained. Trust me, its gonna be a long week.

12. Get in character! But first, get to know your character.

11. Be social! What fun would Smash be without all  the fun and laughter?

12. If your costume is too big or too tight, SAY something about it! You do not want to be uncomfortable on show night. Not to mention, our costume ladies are pretty much made of awesome.

13. Be nice to your Mum, she does a lot for you, especially when it comes to Smash. Same goes for your Dad of course.

14. Be nice to all the other cast members, you will be working pretty close with them, so make them your friends not your foes.

15. PROJECT! Speak clearly and loudly! We want to understand you!

16. A romantic role can be awkward, I understand, but have fun with it! Remember you are in character.

17. Embrace your character. Even if you are a gorgeous young lady and you are playing a smelly old male role.

18. If you need help with lines, or just about anything else, talk to the other cast members. We are all here for each other!

19. Remember Christ is the reason we do this,  we are here to let Christ’s love shine through everything we do.

20. Your directors love you, they want you to be the best you can be. So if you feel like they are pushing you, it’s only because they know you can be amazing! And they strive to push you to be your best!

21. Altoids, mouth wash, and Tic Tacs are your best friends. Pickles, onions, and garlic are not.

22. On performance night we will be packed into a small stuffy room we call the “Sardine Can.” It is VERY important to be as quite as possible when in the Sardine Can because the audience will be able to hear you.

23. Remember that you are in charge of making sure you have your props in place on show night. Props are not toys. Above all, be there for your cues!

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Life Through My Lens: Olivia

Time is spent, wasted, managed well, and managed poorly, time is meant for healing, and time is meant for growing and learning. One thing time seems to be doing a lot lately though, is making myself and the people around me grow up. Not to long ago, my dear friend Olivia decided that she wanted ME to do her senior photos. Senior photos are not an odd thing to have, however, the idea that Olivia was even CLOSE to being a senior was shocking to me. She, like many of my close friends, is growing up. I am so happy to a part of it. Lucky for you, I’m sharing some of her pictures here! Okay, now enough of this talking nonsense….

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Life Through My Lens: Recycling Can Be Glamorous

This is a story about a dress. But not just any plain old dress, no, this dress is my favorite retro black and white polka dotted dress.

Like all good stories, I will start at the beginning and end somewhere close to the end. I suppose the beginning starts with my love affair with the 1950’s.  One day I was at the local Barns and Noble and saw a book, Barns and Noble is in fact filled with such things, but this book was special.This book was plastered in photos of Marilyn Monroe. Now don’t get me wrong, I had seen pictures of the glamorous Monroe many times before, but never had I seen her like this. She was so beautiful in every picture. I flipped through every page fascinated by her wild blonde hair, lovely red lips and stunning figure, but more then that, I loved her clothes.

The early 1950’s was just so dazzling. I knew from that moment on I wanted to look like those girls. But I had one problem, I didn’t have the money to spend on such a retro look.  So instead I did what I always do when I see something I really truly want, I googled it, and googled it, and googles it. I must had seen a billion sites and looked through dozens of magazines and store windows just dreaming about my future look.

Then one of my dear friends called me with the news, his sister had dropped off a box of stuff, and inside was a retro 1950’s dress! I’ve never been so excited about a box of hand-me-downs is my life. I hopped on over there as soon as I could, burst through the doors, and went straight for the cardboard box sitting on the table.  There it was, covered in glamorous spots. 

Hand-me-downs can be cool.

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Photography Series: Life Through My Lens

There is something magical about looking at pictures. I love reliving the memories. I take picture wherever I go of whatever I see, capturing everything I can. I thought it might be fun to dedicate a series to photography, life through my lens. I hope you enjoy this new series!

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Camping In The Dryer

Today, I was rudely awakened by my parents giving a my 2 brothers a talking too. Then I heard the words “What were you doing in my dryer?!” slip out of my Mums mouth. Apparently, my parents found my younger brother Johnathan at their bedroom door with a plate of cookies. He asked if he and Mason could have one, my Mum didn’t really see a problem with it so she said yes. Then the dryer made a “knocking” noise, but Mum hadn’t done any laundry, still a little surprised by the weird sound, she saw Johnathan back up, smack the dryer as if to say “shut up.” Then she figured it out, Mason was in the dryer, holding a small toy camping lamp, sitting indian style giggling. I’m a little torn between being very impressed by their inventive  and creative new club house, or to be concerned for their mental health. Right after all this went down, my mum came into my room and announced I had something I needed to blog about.

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Sparkling Toilet Seat? Only In The Bathroom Of Champions.

Nail polish ,girls love nail polish. You can make many different fashion and personality statements with a little dab or nail polish. You could wear black or dark blue to look mysterious, funky neon colors for fun, simple French tips for sophistication and beauty, a lovely red color for a classic look or maybe zebra print for spunk.  Whatever your statement may be, I doubt it tops the statement my little brother, at the time 3 or 4 years old,  made with a bottle of sparkling red nail polish. It all began on an average week day, the family was just hanging around the house, when we realized Mason was missing! We all knew the kinds of random shenanigans that child could get himself into if left alone, so we all raced around looking for him.  Then we found him doing one of the few things I had never imagined he would do, Mason was painting the toilet seat with my red nail polish. Red streak marks covered our once white throne. Did we clean it? Nope. Not for a few months anyway, it was just such a great conversation starter. When we asked Mason why in the world he would do that he just replied “….I don’t know.” Well Mason, I believe we all would give that very same answer, we have no idea why you did.

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you or a loved one have ever made “art” on a weird surface as a child, I’m itching to know! Please don’t forget to look before you sit, eat fruit and make Mason feel famous and subscribe!

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