The Dryer Disaster

The Dryer Disaster
our previous dryer was a hand-me-down, rusty, used to be white, loud dryer pulled out of someone else’s basement. That dryer sat in our rather small laundry room for a year. If you have ever owned any hand-me-down machine or electronic then most likely you know that eventually they die a most tragic and often young death. It was mid November when our dryer died and now that it is mid January we have finely mustered up enough money to by a new used dryer. What did we do for the few months before today you my ask? And so our adventure began.
There are seven people that sleep in my four bedroom house, my Dad and Mum, my older brother who is 15, myself, my little sister who is 10, and my to little brothers/monsters who are 4 and 6. Lets just say thats a lot of laundry. If you were to go up the stars of my house you would see two rather short hallways. One hallway leads past my little brothers room and straight in to my room, the other leads to the closet sized laundry room, my Mum and Dads room and our bathroom. For the last few months my mum has been hanging cloths in the hallway by hanging a rather interesting cloths line and then pinning the cloths up in a chaotic fashion which made it hard to not only do laundry but even do the simple task of walking in and out of my room became a walk through the jungle of clothes.
If you only new the excitement of being able to dry cloths in a dryer. Its almost like finding a toy you lost as a child and you hadn’t seen it in a long time when one day it shows up in the one place you looked a million times. I love our new dryer and hope to get a few years out of it. I pray you all have good health and working dryers. ~ Petra

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