Stuck in the awkward middle

I’m 14 and rather in the middle of it all. Almost all my friends are at least a year older then I and often a few years older. While most of my friends are talking over life plans and saving for their first cars I’m eating candy bars and my big concern is that my mum not see the rather dramatic pile of laundry on my unmade bed. Even though mos oft my friends are older I also have younger friends as well. My 12 and 13 year old friends are just now getting facebooks, learning how to wear makeup, and fancy owl city and Taylor Swift. I suppose most people find themselves in the middle one point or another and I’m very grateful for my friends of all ages yet every so often I realize my place is not in childhood or in adulthood I’m simple in the center. I’ve been told that when I reach the end I will look back and wish I was in the middle again and I’m sure that day will come. My world is in the middle and thats just how it is.

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