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Lack Of Color

After having my eyes checked last year, my eye doctor told me that I was slightly color blind. He said not to be alarmed, many boys are slightly color blind. The thing is, I’m a girl. My doctor was interested … Continue reading

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Stone Soup

Today  is a glue passing, book reading, goggle wearing school day at the Jackson house. A family we know comes over once a week to do science and history along with my two little brothers, little sister, and my older … Continue reading

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Dancing Under Stars

I grew up in a world I wish everyone could grow up in. I remember sitting under the stars with lights flashing and women beating their drums. I could feel the pounding beats from the wooden  drums as I watched … Continue reading

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I believe in speaking out of place. As a child I was known for asking rude questions, speaking when I shouldn’t, and not knowing when to shut up. When I had an idea or a revelation, I simply expected people … Continue reading

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Semester Of Discovery

I’m a writer, I’m a poet; And that’s who I am. This semester I discovered many things. I learned that you shouldn’t wait till Monday night to start homework that is due Tuesday. I learned not to over use the … Continue reading

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We Made The Best Forts

“But Racha! you PROMISED you would help us make a fort!” pleaded my 6-year-old bother, so I grabbed my coat and we started our fort. I was rather proud of that fort. After I was done helping them I came … Continue reading

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I am what I am

I am what I am, I’m out of tune and two beats off, I am what I am, I’m a “bye bye baby” a “hello honey” and a wink and a nod, I am what I am and not much … Continue reading

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