Semester Of Discovery

I’m a writer, I’m a poet; And that’s who I am. This semester I discovered many things. I learned that you shouldn’t wait till Monday night to start homework that is due Tuesday. I learned not to over use the word “and”, and not to under use semicolons. I learned we should express ourselves in our writing with no holding back. I learned how to write essays. I figured out sometimes, the best thing you can do, is go for a walk with a notebook and an open mind, and maybe you will find that thing your writing has been missing. I am and always will be a writer inside and out; I still have much to learn. As a writer I know that I will never stop learning and discovering new things.

This course has taught me to pour my blood, soul, and tears into my work, and still be able to start over fresh when it doesn’t come out quite right. When I write I loose my mind, find it again, and put it on paper. I discover parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Writing is a way of life, I live for it. I spend my silent moments thinking of what the next chapter of my life will be, and how to word it. Instead of wasting all my time on Facebook and Twitter, I sit and type my thoughts, emotions, views, and beliefs. I’m comply free when I’m writing. I can be who I am.

This class has inspired me to do the thing I love the most. The feeling of creating something, making my own words come alive, and showing the world who I am, is the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced. Its my escape from reality, my secret place, my safe place. Now that I’ve started writing I feel cleaner, some of the weight of my day-to-day life, is now on a piece of paper in my royal blue, torn up notebook. It’s almost like a hot steamy shower for my soul. I’m not an outstanding writer by far, but that will never stop me. I will always be a writer. It’s simply who I am and who I want to be. I always want to be able to write my feelings about life freely on paper. I never want the fear of criticism, to stop me from writing. This course has taught me more than grammar and formatting, it has taught me to be who I am and to write who I am. The fact is, this semester has changed my life for the better, and I can’t wait to dig deeper this next semester, to venture even farther into myself. What I have learned in this class will stick with me the rest of my life.

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One Response to Semester Of Discovery

  1. Tara says:

    I ❤ writing. I have journals all over the place. I'm still a paper and pencil kind of gal. Typing just doesn't work for me. But either way, getting the words out of my head is very therapeutic. Writing is good!

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