Dancing Under Stars

I grew up in a world I wish everyone could grow up in. I remember sitting under the stars with lights flashing and women beating their drums. I could feel the pounding beats from the wooden  drums as I watched my brother and several others dancing under the stars. At the time the sound was so overpowering that my 5 year-old ears couldn’t stand it, but now I would do anything to be there under the stars once again.

I grew up around the smell of wool and fresh-baked oatmeal cookie. The colors of the world so bright and the homemade mittens so soft. I wear strips of many colors, and I was almost always in yellow. I spent most my time playing outside, building forts, and making friends. I love being around all those things. I’m so thankful that I have an awesome mum who gave me those memories.

When/if I have kids I want them to have the same organic childhood I have. I want them to feel he beat of drums and to dance under the stars.

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