Stone Soup

Today  is a glue passing, book reading, goggle wearing school day at the Jackson house. A family we know comes over once a week to do science and history along with my two little brothers, little sister, and my older brother. My house is alway bursting out the seams on these school days with seven little kids, three teens, and two insane homeschooling  moms, but its fun to do fun experiments together. Today for fun, with the younger kids, my mom and Susan read the famous story of Stone Soup to everyone and the moms are making stone soup for lunch.

The first time I  remember I watching my mom make stone soup my now ten year-old little sister was only one or two which made me about five or six. I remember standing with a group of my homeschooling friends watching my friends mom put clean rocks in a big pot along with plenty veggies and spices.My mom has read us the story of Stone Soup a hundred time and I loved to hear it each time.

I like eating stone soup because of the memories it brings back and the delicious taste of homemade soup.  If you want to make dinner a family fun event I would urge you to wash some stones, grab a big pot, cut some veggies, get out some spice and tell a good story.

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  1. I do not believe I’ve seen this said in such a way before. You really have clarified this for me. Thanks!

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