Lack Of Color

After having my eyes checked last year, my eye doctor told me that I was slightly color blind. He said not to be alarmed, many boys are slightly color blind. The thing is, I’m a girl. My doctor was interested by this. I don’t see in black and white, I do see color. I just don’t do a great job matching things or find the color of thing important as long as what ever it is, is not to bright or to dark.

Along with my slight color blindness, I am also far-sighted and I can’t stand having things to close to my face. To be far-sighted just means I see things better when they are farther from my eyes rather than closer. My eyes did make things like reading hard at first but once I got glasses I learned quickly. My glasses did get to small (I was 10 when I got them) But I have learned to embraces the way my eyes work and I no longer wear glasses.

I make jokes about my eyes all the time. When I have trouble with reading up close or have to blink a lot and move my face back and fourth at wall-mart because my eyes keeping getting out of focus, I just say I’m vain or that they took my glasses away in prison so that I wouldn’t hurt any more inmates or try to escape again. Even though it can be annoying  kind of like being different from the other girls. I knd of like the lack of color.

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