The Beach

White grains of sand slipping through my finger tips as the sun warms my pale skin. The smell of salt water and sunscreen, the sound of the winds sharing story’s and children running into the crashing waves , the hot sand warming my feet and the taste of sandy chips fills up all my senses.  I love the beach, it is a place where memories grow right next to the wild rose bushes and rock climbing is always a new little adventure, no matter how many times you have done it. Last summer we went to the beach every week without fail, the sun bleached my hair and tanned my skin because I was outside so often. One of the wonderful things about the beach is you never know if you will run into old friends or make new friends. I ran into a couple family’s one time and as I ran with them down the shore one of the other kids stuffed sand down the back of my shirt and ran for his life, in a way only 12 almost 13-year-old little boys do. Needless to say I ran after him, caught him, put his head under water, then pulled him back up when I realized he had asthma. The beach is a place where being silly, profound, loud, quite, crazy and peaceful are all welcome.Tthe beach bring back memories like nothing else and I can’t wait for it to stop raining so we a pack up a lunch and go to the beach.

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