By nature I am one of those girls who likes to get things done. I love seeing a messy room that looks a like tornado hit it (not hard to come by with my siblings) become a clean comfortable room that makes people say thing like “wow it smells clean in here” and “I love what you have done in to the place!”. I love hard mindless work that has an outcome to be proud of. Because I don’t mind cleaning, my siblings like to take advantage of it sometimes. Sometimes they (not pointing out any names) will simply not even touch the bathroom for over a week or 2 because they know eventuality, Petra will clean it up. I don’t really understand people who think good hard work is a wast of their oh so important time, when really what would life be without a little elbow grease? Theodore Roosevelt once said “..the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” And to that I would have to say, well said Teddy. We spend so much time complaining about things that we never get done, when really we haven’t even tried to get it done. I know that sometimes it’s completely overwhelming to look at a messy house, an empty bank account,or anything else that needs to be done, and I realize that we as Americans are slowly becoming the heavy couches and soft recliners that we have been sitting on for so long, but its time to move. Its time to be over-comers and conquerors that we as people are meant to be. Its time to get something done.

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One Response to Working

  1. Tara says:

    I agree with you on this. I also find enjoyment in taking a huge mess and making something clean and fresh. There is a deep satisfaction in housekeeping. But hey, we women were made to be helpers and help-meets, its just our calling. Its funny how when we do the work we have been called to do that is brings us joy. Yet so many women strive to get away from this life and consider is a slavery and most of them are plain miserable. Being the women God has called us to be is so freeing, and I love it!

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