Where I’m from

Where I’m from
I am from coffee stains
from hard drives and memory chips
I am from knitting needles and pencils
from broken cupboards and yellow paint
I am from strong noses and colored glass

I am from blueberry bushes
I am from riches and wealth
from poverty and loss
I am from sweaters and coffee pots
from the pains of depression
from the laughter of red candied apples
I am from rugs and sugar cookies

I am from my grandmothers tight braids
and my great grandfathers missing limbs
from the cigarette smoke that killed my grandfather
and the coffee brandy that will kill my grandmother

I am from the pictures on my wall
from the dreams of my brothers
I am from those things
I am from my family tree

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10 Responses to Where I’m from

  1. 1markt says:

    This reminds me of the country song “Where I come From”

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