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I love poetry more than any other form of creative writing. I love the way it sounds as it rolls of my tongue and slips into the ears of my empty audience. I love the way it feels when each … Continue reading

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The Adventure Of The Intern

His name is John and he is intern from N.Y. He is also a video game loving, beef jerky consuming, Jesus following, your mom joke telling, youth group leading, pyro maniac who is slowly going from being an intern to … Continue reading

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Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Taco.

Dear twilight adoring fans, I believe this war among you is becoming rather outrageous. Why cant the 2 teams get along? though I dislike twilight passionately (I’m a harry potter nerd)  I do love people and I would like to … Continue reading

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The Music Stopped

fear struck through me as I heard my own back ground music inclining and then sharply stopping I could feel the very silence sneaking up behind me from beneath the closet and snatch me from under my own feet. My … Continue reading

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