5 Love Languages

Recently I picked up a book called “The 5 Love Languages” and found what it had to say very interesting. it talks about how different people feel love in different ways. The 5 love languages listed are “words of affirmation” “quality time” “receiving gifts” “acts of serves” and last but not least “physical touch.” My personal my love language is “quality time. ” I love just being with people. I enjoy one-on-time with my friends and family.  I have a hard time becoming close to someone who doesn’t have time to just hang out, talk on the phone, or simply sit next to me. I much more prefer  face-to-face interaction or even just hearing someones voice on the phone  over  texting, IMing, Facebooking or tweeting. Quality time  makes me happy. I suggest you guys figuring out what love langauge you and you love ones speak.

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