Sun Sun Sun Here It Comes

sheets of cold misty rain fell down to  the surface of the earth. My hands clutched my pencil slightly more aggressively then I meant too.  I could feel my brain bounced up and down, side to side and round and round inside my head as I tried to answer the seemingly easy questions that my text-books were asking.  Goose bumps crawled up my arms and my feet shook in my shoes. I put on my head phones and started to blast The Beatles as loud as I could handle to try to drown out the world around me. Repeating the words “here comes the sun do do do do” over and over again.  The bones and muscles in my back and neck start to protest my bent over book-reading  position.  I can’t understand why I can’t seem to focus today, and its driving me crazy. But hey, no one said it would always be easy to dance in the rain. I think its time to count my blessing (it’s a rather big number) put down my paper and pen and head out for a walk to the library and a breath of fresh air.

thanks for reading and remember to take a walk, count your blessing, comment and subscribe.

~love Petra

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