Smashing Information Pastor Sam

Last night was one of the first of many SMASH classes I’m attending. These classes are intended to help us get a greater understanding of the play ( Midsummer’s Nights Dream) before we start rehearsing. I enjoy it because not only do we learn a thing or two, but its fun hanging out with the cast. Though there are very deep discussion regarding the play, it’s hard to be serious when you are with your best friends. For example, Pastor Sam was talking bout how the play had “many layers, like an onion” when I raised my hand as high as I could, and blurted out “can we change that to a parfait?” and the few people who got the reference (Shrek the movie)  all giggled uncontrollably  loudly. Several jokes were made and there was a lot of laughter, it really feels like home to me. Sometimes I sometimes think my love for SMASH might be stronger than my love for tacos (note I said sometimes).. I can’t wait for rehearsal to kick into full gear, and even though I wont be performing this year, I know I will be EXTREMELY proud to see my fellow cast members shine on that stage.

Until next time, read the play, know your lines, and brush your teeth twice a day.

-Petra ❤

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