The Newbies Guide To A Smashing Time

Hey everybody!

It has occurred to me that there are a lot of newbies in Smash this year, and because I love you all I am going to make you a list. A list of “what?” you may ask? I’m going to make you a list of things I wish I had known when I started Smash a few years ago. Note that some of it is a joke, but some of it is real advice I suggest you take. So here we go!

1. Learn your lines! Now, I’m sure your thinking “I know, I know!”   It is REALLY important that you have them down cold AT LEAST a month before the show.

2. Though Shakespeare is dead, Pastor Sam often makes statements like “Shakespeare hates…”  and “Shakespeare would never..” regularly, so just go with it. Don’t argue, just go with it.

3. Shakespeare HATES gum! So please, try your best not to be the one caught with the pink sticky stuff in your mouth. Because if you are, you better be prepared for a lecture.

4. Unless told not to, ALWAYS stand in a 3/4 stance on stage. This means with one foot pointing to the audience and the other to who ever your character is speaking to.

5. Never stand with your back to the audience. Just don’t do it.

6. Just accept that Smash will take over all your spare time.

7. On performance night PLEASE remember to brush your teeth, wear deodorant, shower, and wear clean underwear. I know you will be rushing around trying to get your stage make up, costume, and hair ready but it is super important that you remember to make time to do these 4 things.

8. Keep your health high on your priority list. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, and take your vitamins. We do NOT need a sick cast member on show night.

9. Pastor Sam is your director, and he has a pretty good idea of what will make you and your part shine. So just take his advice.

10. Don’t be afraid to make small suggestions and ask questions about your role.

11. Remember to pack nice lunches during “crunch week.” You don’t want to be hungry or drained. Trust me, its gonna be a long week.

12. Get in character!

11. Be social! What fun would Smash be without all  the fun and laughter?

12. If your costume is too big or too tight, SAY something about it! You do not want to be uncomfortable on show night.

13. Be nice to your mum, she does a lot for you, especially when it comes to Smash.

14. Be nice to all the other cast members, you will be working pretty close with them so make them your friends not your foes.


16. A romantic role can be awkward, I understand, but hey! We’re homeschooled! Who on earth knows how to handle being awkward better than us homeschoolers?

17. Embrace your character. Even if you are a gorgeous young lady and you are playing a male role.

18. If you need help with lines or just about anything else talk to me, I’m here for you!

Thanks for reading!!!! If I come up with any more tips I’ll be sure to post them! So until next time eat fruit, brush your teeth, know your lines, comment and subscribe!

-love Petra

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6 Responses to The Newbies Guide To A Smashing Time

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for writing this! I might find myself reading it more than once throughout the upcoming months of SMASH…

  2. Charlotte says:

    I love that list! I espically like rule number 3! 🙂

  3. Evan says:

    19. DO NOT EVER bring an energy drink or mountain dew to practice. Pastor Sam will kill!(well on crunch week just make sure he doesn’t see it;p)

  4. Corrie Donahue says:

    haha, nice list Petra! Me thinks I will definitely be keeping them in mind. 😉

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