I Love Picture Books

Recently I have been doing a lot of extra babysitting to pay for a college course I plan on taking sometime in the not so distant future, so I’ve been reading a rather large amount of picture books. I had forgotten how much I love picture books. So I’ve been thinking, why don’t I write a blog in picture book form? Theres really no good reason not too, so that s exactly what I am going to do! Here we go!

How I Met Spider-Man

By Petra Jackson


Once open a time I had a best friend named Mary Jane. One day we were having coffee

when Mary Jane got a call from her new boyfriend and had to leave, but before she left Mary Jane promised I would meet her new boyfriend soon.

The next day Mary Jane called me and ask me to meet her and her new boyfriend at Pizza Castle. I was super excited to meet my friends new boyfriend.

But to my surprise May Jane was dating Spider-Man! The three of us talked for hours. After that the three of us were always together.

Then one day Spider-Man told me that I had to move far away or one of his foes would hurt me.

He promised me he would keep Mary Jane safe for me. And now I’m hiding with the secret identity of being a 14 year old blogger

And that is how I met Spider-Man.

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2 Responses to I Love Picture Books

  1. Charlotte says:

    I love it! Awesome job!

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