Where did The Penguins March To? My House Of Course!

My family collects penguins. That’s right, penguins. Our little collection really started just as a joke. You see, my Dad is a computer programmer and he really loves this operating system called Linux. Linux’s mascot just so happens to be a penguin so his co-workers started giving him penguins as an inside joke. Soon though, word of this little joke spread to our friends and family, and over the years we have collected LOADS of them. Here are some pictures so you get the basic idea….And that’s not even all of them! I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the life of my weird family and our collection. I want to know, what are some funny things that you or someone you know have collected? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe! Love you all! Happy holidays!


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7 Responses to Where did The Penguins March To? My House Of Course!

  1. jon jensen says:

    lol well my great grand mother collecter owls because my great grandfathers anishals were OWL so she has like 1 thousand owls 😀

  2. Rebeccahitt says:

    I used to have a million dolphin things. I swam for the Boothbay Dolphins swim team when I was young, so my family and friends would give me everything dolphin they could find; candle holders, blankets, pictures, and other random things.

    Not quite as bad is my love for suns, moons and stars. or sunflowers/ I only have maybe a handful of things with those motifs. I like the penguins though. I wouldn’t mind a few of them around the house.

  3. jon jensen says:

    lol nice (do you know me?)

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