My Lovely Red Room

My bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our whole house. I love my posters that are packed full of fantastic memories of the many concerts I have attended. I love my greenish-blueish typewriter with its small black buttons that make that lovely “click-clack” noise when I type. I love the dozens of books that lay conformably on my shelf as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Though, the thing I love the most about my bedroom is that the walls are panted a glorious bright red. This last June, my mum announced that it was about time my sister and I (I share a room) thought about painting our bedroom. The first time we painted our bedroom, I was only 6 years old and I picked the color purple. Now that I’m a teenager and my baby sister is slowly approaching that age bracket, we decided my mum was right, and that we should try a more “trendy” look. After months of begging my little sister, she finally gave in and let me pick the color, and to many people’s surprise, and to my own amusement, I ended up picking bright flaming red. It took my sister and I, with help from Evan, three whole days to finish the job, and boy was it worth it! Red is both a spunky and thoughtful color that really expresses my personality very well. I love the way the sun hits in the morning, and how I’m the only on in my small group of friends that has a flaming red bedroom. When people found out about my color choice, I got a few “you my not like it when you are a little older” looks from some of the adult in my life, but I don’t regret it at all, in fact I fall a little more in love with the color every time I set my eyes on it. 

I hope you enjoyed this! don’t forget to let my know what color your room is/ what color you would like it to be in the comment section below! And remember, eat fruit, wear your seat belt, don’t eat the yellow snow, comment and subscribe!! Love you all and merry Christmas!

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5 Responses to My Lovely Red Room

  1. Corrie Donahue says:

    I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A RED ROOM!!!! But my room is gray. it’s a nice gray though and I painted this awesome abstract guitar on my wall. I love it. but I hope someday I’ll either have a red house, a red kitchen, a red bedroom, or all three! Red is basically the best color in the world. yup, that’s a fact; not an opinion. GREAT color choice. 🙂

  2. Ina Lewin says:

    My bedroom is Lime green on one wall. and 2 walls are bright blue with lime green stripes. I do love it very much 🙂 I never did finish painting it though. The green wall was suppose to have random squares of my favorite colors all over it. And one wall of my room is not complete at all. its mostly a closet, and then a small hunk of wall that is just wood with sheet rock on the opposite side.
    You have inspired me to possibly finish my room 🙂
    I think your room sounds fantastic!

  3. Charlotte says:

    My craft room is a blue, but we haven’t painted my sister’s and mine room yet though. I love you guys room when I saw it at the SMASH girl sleepover though, it was so cool!

  4. jon jensen says:

    I want a red room 😉 have fun in your new red room petra 🙂

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