How Spider-Man And I Saved Christmas

How Spider-man And I Saved Christmas

by Petra

It was late on Christmas Eve and I was busy doing some last-minute gift wrapping.

I heard the phone ring and rushed over to answer it.  To my delight it was my long-lost friend Spider man!  He had a VERY important mission that he needed MY help to complete.

Spider-Mans arch nemesis, the Green Goblin, had stolen Santa’s sleigh! It was up to us to stop him and save Christmas.

The next thing I knew Spider-Man and I were off to find the Green Goblin and rescue Christmas.

We found the Green Goblin and we fought an epic battle. Spider-Man and I used lots of super ninja moves.

I throw a swift upper-cut, and the Green Goblins favorite tooth flew right out of his evil green mouth!

It took Spider-Man and I a whopping five minutes, but we won the fight and saved Santa’s sleigh!

And That’s how Spider-Man and I saved Christmas!


I hope you guys enjoyed this! Let me know in the comment section below who YOU would want to tag team with if YOU had to save Christmas.  Remember to eat cookies, comment, rate and subscribe! Merry Christmas!!





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4 Responses to How Spider-Man And I Saved Christmas

  1. jon jensen says:

    Lol i would team up with the cockie monster

  2. jon jensen says:

    Cookie* my bad lol

  3. Charlotte says:

    I think I’d like to save Christmas with Scooby-Doo.
    Char 😉

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