My Favorite Musicians

I love music that moves me more than I want to be moved.  You know, the type of music that makes a person think about things.  I listen to a lot of artist that some of my friends have simply labeled “weird” and “strange.”  But I guess normal just isn’t my thing.  Today I thought I would share some of my favorite “weird” music with you guys.  Please note that this list  is not in any real order.  Here we go!

1. Regina Spektor.   Regina’s voice is an awesome combination of sweet and spunky.  Her lyrics can be fun and humorous, shy and sweet, poetic, beautiful and graceful.  My favorite Regina songs are “The Flowers,” “Braille,” “Prisoners,”  “That Time,” “Music Box,” “Eat,” “Laughing With,” and “Hero.”  She is truly amazing.

2. Counting Crows.  I love the low sweet sound and melting lyrics this band brings to the table.  I could lay on my bed and listen to them for hours.  The lyrics are deep and I can relate to the soothing words.  Some of my top favorite songs by Counting Crows are “Round Here (acoustic version),” “Anna Begins,” “Raining In Baltimore,” “Mrs. Potters Lullaby,” “Mr. Jones,” “Color Blind” and  “Children In Bloom.”  They are outstanding!

3. The Beatles.  These guys have a simple timeless sound that made history.  I love the catchy tunes, simple yet beautiful lyrics, swift rhythms and awesome stories the band has to offer.  My all time favorite Beatles songs are “Let It Be,” “I’m A Loser,” “And I Love Her,” “Here Comes The Sun,” “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl,” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”  I love them.

4. Pedro The Lion.  I love the feel of this band.  David Bazan (the lead vocalist and song writer) tells many stories of pain, his life struggle, and  of the endless search for the God his parents believed in.  The lovely sound this group has is priceless.  I love the song ” The Bells,”The Longer I lay Here,” “The Longest Winter,” and “Bad Things Happen To Good People.” I find them really rather touching.

5. The Mountain Goats. I was actually just introduced to this band a few weeks ago, but I love them already.  They have a great sound. I find their lyrics both  interesting and entertaining. I have been listening to  them a like crazy lately. My favorite Mountain Goat songs are “No Children,” “This Year,” and “Love Love Love.” It’s worth checking them out!

I hope you liked this! Please leave a comment stating your top favorite musicians! Thank you SO much for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe! love you all!


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  1. bre says:

    hi petra love yor blog

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