Ash Ketchum Is So My type

So the other day, I was playing cards with Mary-Jane and Spider man.  That’s when I heard the phone ring. To my surprise it was no one other than Ash Ketchum! He was on a mission to collect his “AWESOME” badge.  To my amazement  he needed MY help to get it!So he picked me up in his super hot ride and we were off!He explained to me that we would have to beat a Pokemon master in order to receive this badge.  I was shocked when I discovered this Pokemon master was…..Batman?!  That’s right, we had to defeat Batman in a Pokemon battle. It wasn’t gonna be easy, but I knew we had the stuff!  Batman went first. He yelled “Bat! I choose you!”  It was an unpredictable move, but I had a plan. I whispered to Ash my brilliant plan,  he took my advice and he yelled “Squirtle! I choose you!”Ash shouted “Squirtle! Use Bubble-Beam!” Super hard core hostile bubbles flew through the air, his bat was nothing up against Ash’s killer Squirtle!Squirtle totally slaughtered Bat! We won by a landslide!!THE END!

Thanks for reading! I’m dedicating this post to all the Pokemon masters I know! Please leave a comment telling me your favorite quote/moment from the Pokemon series AND what you think should happen next! Don’t forget to subscribe because it’s my birthday!


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