Embrace The Awkward

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner,  I thought I would share with you some of the little weird and slightly awkward things I love in life.

1. I love How Children Always Say Rude Things At Inappropriate Times Because They Don’t Know Any Better.  You know what I mean, you’ll be sitting there drinking coffee with a friend, when some little kid comes up to you and says something like “why are there red lumps on your forehead?”  or “miss,  how come you have a mustache? I thought only daddy’s had mustaches?”  And all you can do is tell then to hush and hold in your laughter until they leave the room.  Priceless.

2. I Love How People Type “Lol” After Asking An Awkward Question Or Making An Inappropriate Statement Online In Hopes It Makes It Less Awkward. “Did you see that girl sitting on the bench at lunch? She was so foxy ;)” “Dude…. That was my little sister” “lol”  I’m sorry, typing “lol” doesn’t make what you said better it only makes things worse, however I find it hilarious.

3. I Love How People Say “No You’re Different” After They Finnish A Rant About Something They Hate About A Person, Then Realize You Do The Same Thing. ” Oh my gosh! Don’t you hate it when people wear black and brown together? I mean really, it looks awful!” “… I’m wearing black and brown” “Oh… but you’re different” No don’t lie to me, just admit that you think my black and brown spotted shirt looks stupid.  I always find these moments unforgettable.

4. I Love How I Always Have Good Hair Days When I Don’t Have Plans. Being a teenage girl,  I love nothing more than a good hair day, but sadly those days only seem to come when I don’t have the opportunity to go out.  I mean seriously, I’ll be snowed in the house with no way to leave and look in the mirror only to discover I have fantastic hair.  God has a sense of humor after all.

5. I Love How Everyone Needs Me The Minute I Pick Up The Phone. I could sit on the couch all day with nothing to do just BEGGING to be useful in some way and no one will even notice me, Then the phone rings.  It’s like all their problems rise to the surface the minute my phone goes off. No one is ever  hungry, makes any messes, hurts any other siblings or needs something of the shelf until I’m talking on my cell phone.  I know it sounds like this annoys me, but really I think it’s kind of funny.

6. I Love The Way A Boy’s Smell Radically Changes When He Discovers He Likes Girls.  The dramatic difference in the way my older brother smelt when he was 11 compared to when he turned 12 always amazed me.  I never really understood why he had a sudden interest in personal hygiene, then he started dating and I got it.  I love this because most of my guy friends smell better than some of my girl friends now that we have all entered our teen years and the guys have all discovered girls.

7. I Love How People Treat Facebook Like A Therapy Couch. People take the “What’s On Your Mind?” box on facebook way to seriously.  I always really like it when people write things like “Oh if you only knew how much I love you” or “Some people really tick me off!”  on my news stream.  I have to admit I’m guilty of doing this myself, however I find it extremely silly and stupid the way people share their life issues on social networks.

8. I Love It When People  Comment, Rate And Subscribe! Try it and make me happy. Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Embrace The Awkward

  1. jon jensen says:

    OHHHH lol that cracks me up i think i might just save that to my computer and i say lol no matter what LOL

  2. Cheryl says:

    haha! Some of these things ring so true in my own life as well! Thank you for sharing, it was very humorous!


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