Crunch Week

For those of you who don’t know, I’m apart of a small acting troop named “S.M.A.S.H” that will be performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream on March 3rd 4th and 5th. Crunch week is that week that we Smashers “eat sleep and breathe Shakespeare.”  A week of fun, frustrations, sword fights, lack of sleep, mountain dew and a whole lot of rehearsing for the big show. Now before you ask, I do not actually have a role this year. Instead I have been giving the honor of being the assistant director  this year! I love it! Though  I must admit it’s a little weird not being on stage with my friends… and it’s even weirder directing my friends on stage. However I really love the idea of dressing up all pretty on opening night and just watching my friends do an amazing and absolutely spectacular  job. I am so not going to be happy once smash comes to an end. Good luck cast!

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