Zombie Frog?

The other day, My two younger brothers brought home a frog from the park, found an old fish tank to put him in, and adopted him into our family. They would sit outside and watch the new family member hop around the tank for hours. And then a few short days later, the tragic accident happened. The newly adopted frog had jumped on a piece broken glass, cut himself, and bled out. I found the whole thing really gross. Then Mason had an awful idea, he picked up the dead frog, and chased my sister around the house with it! After we got Mason to calm down, we told him it would be best in he buried the frog outside, he agreed and went outside to bury the frog. Mason had a better idea, he decided to do an exploratory autopsy, with a butter knife. Yes, you heard me, a BUTTER knife. I was watching him through the window when I realized what he was doing, and ran outside with a small shovel. I restrained myself from screaming at him and just dug a deep hole to bury the remains. After he dropped the frog into his resting place, we said a few kind words, put some dirt on top, and laid a stone over the grave. I thought it was over. I was painfully wrong. The very next day the grave was empty. Mason wont fess up or tell us where the corpse lay, this is very unsettling because he could have put it ANYWHERE.

This post may have a part 2 if I find the frog, so stay tuned! Leave me comment if you have any idea where “Zombie Frog” could be and don’t forget to make Mason feel famous and subscribe! Thanks!

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