Zombie Frog Part 2: Final Resting Place

If you haven’t read my previous post about The Zombie Frog please go read that first, or just skip it and be confused, I don’t  judge.  Anyway, as you may or may not know, we have been on the search for zombie frog for over a week now…..And I like to tell you we found him! Good news? I wouldn’t say that exactly.  Saturday morning, my family was cleaning out the car for the their road trip Monday, that’s when we saw him stretched out on the driveway. I had hoped I would never find Zombie Frog, or at least if I did, he would look a little like the picture I drew on the left, peaceful. Of course, in my family, story tale endings are just to sweet and unrealistic.  On the morning of May 21st we found little Zombie Frog, and because a picture says a thousand words and I’m out of things to say, here is a picture of what Zombie Frog looked like that fateful morning…. What happened to his arms? I don’t know…

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