The Okay Project

I know, I know, you guys have gotten use to my humours and very cunning blogs illustrated with crayon. That’s my fault, but I’m going to trust you people haven’t forgotten how to listen to heavier things, and talk to you guys about something a little more important called “The Okay Project.”  The Okay Project is a new and upcoming ministry some lovely friends of mine have started for people who need someone to talk to. I’ve always said it’s a heck of a lot easier to tell a secret to someone you don’t know rather than someone you have to see Monday morning, and this group makes it easy to do just that. This is how it works, you send a E-mail to the group at, and once your email is received, you will be directed to an individual member of The Okay Project that you can talk to. Clean and simple. This is what they wrote on their Facebook page about the group “After spending a lot of time on (a site where broken people can anonymously post their secrets), we realized that these people need someone to talk to, instead of just posting on a wall where no one can reply. These people are struggling with abuse (both mental and physical), self-injury, rape, depression, death, and just plain loneliness. If you need to vent, share a secret, confide in someone, etc., we are here to listen. Whether you have problems with identity, self harm, depression, school work, family, eating disorders, or anything else, we are here for you.” Cool? I think so. I’m really proud of my friends for wanting to spend their free time helping others, not to many teenagers can say they do the same. If you are one Facebook, please go to The Okay Project page and “Like” them for more information! Thank you guys so much for reading! Love you all and don’t forget to subscribe!

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