Sparkling Toilet Seat? Only In The Bathroom Of Champions.

Nail polish ,girls love nail polish. You can make many different fashion and personality statements with a little dab or nail polish. You could wear black or dark blue to look mysterious, funky neon colors for fun, simple French tips for sophistication and beauty, a lovely red color for a classic look or maybe zebra print for spunk.  Whatever your statement may be, I doubt it tops the statement my little brother, at the time 3 or 4 years old,  made with a bottle of sparkling red nail polish. It all began on an average week day, the family was just hanging around the house, when we realized Mason was missing! We all knew the kinds of random shenanigans that child could get himself into if left alone, so we all raced around looking for him.  Then we found him doing one of the few things I had never imagined he would do, Mason was painting the toilet seat with my red nail polish. Red streak marks covered our once white throne. Did we clean it? Nope. Not for a few months anyway, it was just such a great conversation starter. When we asked Mason why in the world he would do that he just replied “….I don’t know.” Well Mason, I believe we all would give that very same answer, we have no idea why you did.

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you or a loved one have ever made “art” on a weird surface as a child, I’m itching to know! Please don’t forget to look before you sit, eat fruit and make Mason feel famous and subscribe!

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