Camping In The Dryer

Today, I was rudely awakened by my parents giving a my 2 brothers a talking too. Then I heard the words “What were you doing in my dryer?!” slip out of my Mums mouth. Apparently, my parents found my younger brother Johnathan at their bedroom door with a plate of cookies. He asked if he and Mason could have one, my Mum didn’t really see a problem with it so she said yes. Then the dryer made a “knocking” noise, but Mum hadn’t done any laundry, still a little surprised by the weird sound, she saw Johnathan back up, smack the dryer as if to say “shut up.” Then she figured it out, Mason was in the dryer, holding a small toy camping lamp, sitting indian style giggling. I’m a little torn between being very impressed by their inventive  and creative new club house, or to be concerned for their mental health. Right after all this went down, my mum came into my room and announced I had something I needed to blog about.

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One Response to Camping In The Dryer

  1. Libby says:

    My word, I’m laughing so hard right now!!!

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