Life Through My Lens: Olivia

Time is spent, wasted, managed well, and managed poorly, time is meant for healing, and time is meant for growing and learning. One thing time seems to be doing a lot lately though, is making myself and the people around me grow up. Not to long ago, my dear friend Olivia decided that she wanted ME to do her senior photos. Senior photos are not an odd thing to have, however, the idea that Olivia was even CLOSE to being a senior was shocking to me. She, like many of my close friends, is growing up. I am so happy to a part of it. Lucky for you, I’m sharing some of her pictures here! Okay, now enough of this talking nonsense….

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3 Responses to Life Through My Lens: Olivia

  1. sothedrama says:

    Petra Jayne, I love these photos! Olivia, dear, you are GORGEOUS! Stunning work girls, you both have proud mamas and papas!

    • sothedrama says:

      that above comment was from me, Petra’s mom, not Petra…don’t know why it shows her as the owner of it, but then again, she gets the geek gene from her proud daddy, not her mamma…

  2. Martha says:

    Chin in hand, elbow on rock – that’s my favorite! Wonderful photos Petra! from Martha Coughlan

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