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Love Story – Nicholas And Eliza

I’m proud to announce my brother Nicholas is getting married to the beautiful Eliza in September 2012! What can I say, they love each other. I was so excited to be the one to do their engagement photo, they are … Continue reading

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The Newbies Guide To A Smashing Good Time 2.0

It has occurred to me that there are a lot of newbies in Smash this year, and because I love you all I am going to make you a list. A list of “what?” you may ask? I’m going to … Continue reading

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Life Through My Lens: Olivia

Time is spent, wasted, managed well, and managed poorly, time is meant for healing, and time is meant for growing and learning. One thing time seems to be doing a lot lately though, is making myself and the people around me grow … Continue reading

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Life Through My Lens: Recycling Can Be Glamorous

This is a story about a dress. But not just any plain old dress, no, this dress is my favorite retro black and white polka dotted dress. Like all good stories, I will start at the beginning and end somewhere close to the … Continue reading

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Photography Series: Life Through My Lens

There is something magical about looking at pictures. I love reliving the memories. I take picture wherever I go of whatever I see, capturing everything I can. I thought it might be fun to dedicate a series to photography, life … Continue reading

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Camping In The Dryer

Today, I was rudely awakened by my parents giving a my 2 brothers a talking too. Then I heard the words “What were you doing in my dryer?!” slip out of my Mums mouth. Apparently, my parents found my younger … Continue reading

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Sparkling Toilet Seat? Only In The Bathroom Of Champions.

Nail polish ,girls love nail polish. You can make many different fashion and personality statements with a little dab or nail polish. You could wear black or dark blue to look mysterious, funky neon colors for fun, simple French tips for sophistication and … Continue reading

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